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Чтение сделало Дон Кихота рыцарем, а вера в прочитанное сделала его сумасшедшим.
Дж.Б. Шоу

Электронные издания

    Risks and Safety in Economic Systems
    (Mathematical Modeling)

    Автор: Живетин В.Б.

    Формат: epub

    Год издания: 2009 г.

    The subject to be dealt with in the given trea-tise — an economy as a dynamic system created for the realization of socioeconomic goals. The main purpose of the book is to describe the theoretical basis for mathematical modeling of risk indices.

    The textbook may be of use for readers with var-ious levels of mathematical training. The present edition is intended for those with deep knowledge of mathematics. The book is recommended for use in lecture courses on the following subjects: “Risk Theory and Modeling of Risk Situations”, “Risk Management”, “Develop-ment of Management Decisions”, and “Financial Risk Management”. The information presented may be of use for special courses in such fields as risk engineering and risk analysis.

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