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Чтение сделало Дон Кихота рыцарем, а вера в прочитанное сделала его сумасшедшим.
Дж.Б. Шоу

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    Introduction into Risk Theory
    (Dynamical System)

    Автор: Живетин В.Б.

    Формат: epub

    Год издания: 2012 г.

    The study is concerned with fundamentals of structural and functional synthesis and analysis of dynamical systems to lay down risk theory introductory provisions, including assessment of unsafe and safe states of dynamical systems.

    The study introduces primary and secondary risk measures for both classical informational-energetic systems and for super-classical intellectualenergetic systems.

    Primary risk measures are characterized with a set of safe states calculated in accordance with, for example, stability theory; secondary risk measures are probabilities for entering a dynamical system into the region of critical values in view of properties of control and management systems.

    The study outcome allows performing mathematical modeling for prediction and manage­ment of risks intrinsic to diverse dynamical systems including intellectual-energetic ones.

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