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Кто не умеет владеть собою,
тот не умеет писать.
Н. Буало

Изданные книги

    Biosphere Risks

    Автор: Живетин В.Б.

    Страниц: 453 с.

    Формат: 60×84 1⁄16 (145×200 мм)

    Год издания: 2009 г.

    This book, written by a noted expert in the analy-sis of risk, Professor V.B. Zhivetin, is in a way unique. Unique because nobody before, in Russian or any oth-er research works, has stated the problems of bios-pheric risks so completely and earnestly. Moreover, the author’s conceptual approach itself is quite innova-tive, as well as introduction of the concept of a “bios-pheric risk”. The subject of the research is the biospheric losses caused by the activities of mankind. The measure of such losses is estimated from the changes in the biosphere’s energy. An attempt is made to define mathematical problems, with which to study the biospheric risks, and to offer a system of probabilistic risk factors and mathematical models valid for quantitative esti-mations and analysis of biospheric risks. The author also tries to interpret the problems under consideration from the viewpoint of the humanities and social sciences, including theology. The presentation of the facts is very well thought-out; it shows, on the one hand, a high level of generalization, rigor and consistency and, on the other hand, it is quite vivid and easily understood.

    The book is recommended to general reading public, experts in the fields of risk analysis and management, social and economic management.

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