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Книга, которая не стоит, чтобы ее прочли два раза, не стоит также того, чтобы ее прочли и один раз.
К. Вебер

Электронные издания

    Ethic and Legal Risks Management

    Автор: Живетин В.Б.

    Формат: epub

    Год издания: 2012 г.

    The work is devoted to the problems of ethic and legal systems, generated by the society for ensuring the human activity. The author examines the methods and means for synthesis and analysis of ethic and legal systems, which create the ethic and legal potential of the society.

    The theoretical basis for the formation of systems for minimizing the risks and maximizing the effectiveness of functioning of the ethic and legal system, when creating ethic and legal potential, are developed.

    The qualitative models for the formation of ethic and legal potential, by means of which the structural-functional synthesis is formed, and then analysis of the system as well, form the basis of the mathematical modeling of ethic and legal risk.

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